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Proaxil™ is known as the ultimate, 100% natural relief for prostate suffering today. We've done the research and built on our already successful formula to give you the very best prostate formula that exists today. With our unique proprietary blend of Phytosterols standardized to contain 80% Beta-Sitosterol, Proaxil™ is the most powerful formula on the market.

The ingredients are the most important part of any prostate supplement, however, most other prostate supplements contain only a few key ingredients important for optimal prostate health. Long-term prostate health and prevention requires something more effective. It requires key ingredients that are proven safe and effective to work to keep the prostate healthy. Isn't it time you had total relief that's 100% natural?

Most prostate support formulas have less than top-notch purity, and are packaged in an improper dose. Only Proaxil™ has it all. Proaxil™ was developed to adhere to the strictest quality standards and contain more bioavailability and effective ingredients than any other product, hands down. Which is why people are calling it the 'Ultimate Prostate Relief & Support'.

Proaxil™ now has a NEW & IMPROVED formula utilizing a 1200 mg proprietary Phytosterol blend, BetaMD™, standardized to contain 80% Beta-Sitosterol and delivered in a vegetarian capsule, making our formula the very best out there in terms of quality standards, scientific research, and purity. We recommend comparing the ingredients with the competition. We are confident that you will not find a better supplement for prostate health on the market.

If you're going to try just one thing to optimize prostate health, this is it.

Proaxil™ Follows the Highest Quality Standards

GMP Certified

Proaxil™ contains 15 tested ingredients, PLUS a unique Phytosterol blend, that meet the strength and purity guidelines of the USP/NF (United States Pharmacopeia–National Formulary). Proaxil™ is manufactured in the United States in an FDA registered laboratory that exceeds industry standards. Our manufacturing facility is GMP-certified and abides by the strictest FDA recommendations.

Proaxil™ is the Best Prostate Supplement on the Market

  • Improve Overall Prostate Health
    Reduce the Size of your Prostate Gland to a healthy level
  • Soothe the Urinary Tract
    Stop the burning sensation from prostate irritation while urinating
  • Get a Good Night's Sleep
    Stop waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom
  • Improve Urine Flow
    Stop the uncomfortable drips & trickles when going to the bathroom
  • 100% Risk-Free Results
    Feel confident and secure with our 100% money back guarantee

Proaxil™ Gets to the Root of the Problem

Doctor Formulated

More than 100 million men already suffer from an enlarged prostate. According to the National Institute of Health, 9 out of 10 men will suffer from a prostate problem by the time they reach their 70's. Many men will be effected as early as age 40.

For that reason, it is important that men over the age of 45 boost their diet with an effective prostate supplement. For those suffering from prostate discomfort, finding ways to ease the pain can be disheartening.

Proaxil™ stands above other solutions by attacking the problem at its root. Our NEW & IMPROVED formula containing a 1200 mg Phytosterol blend is a painless, risk-free alternative to surgery, injections and other more intrusive treatments. It's a unique, maximum strength, proprietary blend of ingredients that is specially formulated to target prostate health and it is the BEST formula available on the market today.

Proaxil™ is Recommended by Doctors and Medical Scientists:

Doctor Formulation

Proaxil™ is proud to be endorsed by doctors and biomedical researchers alike. Proaxil's™ formulation of effective ingredients and strong name recognition have brought praise from some of the finest professionals in the industry. Click here to read more...

What Do Proaxil's™ Customers Have to Say?

All testimonials reflect the range of typical results that our customers experience.

Comment by: Eamon L.

I have tried every medication out there for my enlarged prostate. nothing stopped the night time visits to the bathroom. That was until I started using Proaxil™. I have been taking it for around three months, but felt the benefits after a week or so of using it. It also helped with sexual performance, much to my wife's happiness. I feel I'm back on track and back to my usual self again. Finally, a supplement that gives me everything I need. And it's NATURAL!!!!

Comment by: Mark R.

I have suffered with BPH for around six months. At first, I thought my life was over - at 56 years of age, this was a disaster. So, I started researching the internet and came across Proaxil™. I ordered a 6 month supply and have to say, have not looked back. I think that I addressed my issue very early on and didn't allow it to get out of control. I feel great and although still experience some of the symptoms of my condition, they are nothing like before. I should say that I also changed my diet and I exercise more. But the biggest effect has no doubt been Proaxil™. Five Stars!

Comment by: Joe K.

This supplement has drastically changed my life. Just when I thought, aged 65, that my sex life was over, Proaxil™ has proved me wrong - thankfully!! I am on the the common statistics of older men that suffer with prostate problems. I had all the usual symptoms but the worst was that I failed to maintain an erection. For a man this is a disaster. A friend, who had suffered similar symptoms, told me about Proaxil™ and I didn't hesitate to order a supply for half a year. Within a week I felt a difference. It took some time, but I am almost back to my normal self regarding sexual ability. I have made some lifestyle changes also, which I think have helped. I feel very optimistic about the future. Thanks Proaxil™.

Comment by: Donald F.

Proaxil™ actually works. I have tried many many many supplements over the years for my prostate problems, with little to no effect. The worst symptoms for me is a constant need to urinate, which is worse during night time. This formula has cut the number of bathroom visits to almost half what I used to make. After just two months of taking his supplement, I think that this is great. I will continue taking Proaxil™ and I am very confident that things are only going to get better and better. To me it's such a relief and feel positive about my future. I highly recommend Proaxil™ because it really does make a difference (after 2 or 3 weeks for me) that can be life changing.

Comment by: Bradley S.

This is truly amazing! It really works! My prostate symptoms are almost gone after a month of taking Proaxil™. I'm finally living my life and it feels AMAZING!

Comment by: Paulo D.

I love the fact that it is all natural and that it works two-fold by reducing the size of my prostate while also addressing the symptoms that this condition can bring. I'm in a win-win situation. I feel so positive about my future. Thank you!

Comment by: Ronald K.

I've suffered with prostate problems for many years. I was resigned to the fact that this was my lot. It was my wife who found Proaxil™ and I trust her judgement so started taking it around three months ago. I feel like a new person. In short, I've got my mojo back. I don't wake up at night anymore to urinate, so feel much more rested during the daytime. Also, the passion has rekindled between my wife because my sex drive has returned. I feel really really good. If you're a sufferer of prostate related problems, you should try this.

Comment by: Sam S.

I would like to write a recommendation for Proaxil™. I bought this after my doctor suggested that I take it. It has so many great ingredients in it that I knew immediately it was going to be a quality supplement. It does exactly what it says on the bottle - relieve prostate suffering. It gave me my life back. I feel like a real man again. I will re-order for the rest of the year! This is the best product on the market!!

Comment by: Marty N.

This has all the very top quality ingredients for prostate health. Without doubt, this is the best supplement out there. Nothing holds a flame to Proaxil™. What a difference this has had on my life! Five Stars, I'm a big fan!

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Why is Proaxil™ So Effective?

Doctor Formulation

Proaxil™ is a breakthrough proprietary formula that effectively combines the most powerful and extensively researched ingredients, giving you an all-in-one solution. We have upgraded our formula to ensure that you will be getting the very best ingredients, including a unique 1200mg Phytosterol proprietary blend providing 80% standardized Beta-Sitosterol, which is the most potent dosage available on the market. Every single ingredient in Proaxil™ was hand-picked by a team of medical doctors and scientific researchers, based on clinical data and designed to help maintain prostate health and get results more effectively than any other prostate care supplement available.

Proaxil™ contains 15 tested ingredients, PLUS BetaMD™ which is our unique, unrivalled proprietary Phytosterol blend that contains 1200mg plant sterols (including 960mg Beta Sitosterol), that meet the strength and purity standards of the USP/NF (United States Pharmacopeia–National Formulary). Each ingredient was carefully researched and included based on clinical data. No other non-prescription solution comes close to Proaxil™ in terms of quality and purity of ingredients.

Proaxil™ contains the precise effective amount of the purest grade ingredients like BetaMD™ (Beta-Sitosterol, Beta-Sitostanol, Campesterol, Stigmasterol), Saw Palmetto, Pygeum Bark, L-alanine, L-glycine, and more in the correct quantities, creating the most effecting solution on the market. Proaxil™ also contains well over the recommended daily value of Vitamin B-6 (750%), Vitamin D3 (500%) and Zinc (67%).

Recommended dose for adults is 3 (three) capsules daily with meals - 1 (one) in the morning, 1 (one) in the afternoon, and 1 (one) in the evening as a dietary supplement.

Click here to see our label.

Proaxil's™ - Proprietary Blend of Ingredients:

BetaMD™ is a trademarked proprietary blend of 1200mg of Phytosterols (Beta-Sitosterol 80%, Beta-Sitostanol, Campesterol, Stigmasterol), which are a group of natural compounds found in plants. These sterols have been found to provide many benefits for prostate health. It is standardized to contain 80% Beta-Sitosterol (960mg), which is the key plant sterol for optimizing prostate health. Two high-quality randomized studies have shown Beta-Sitosterol to have benefit, with little potential harm, in treating an enlarged prostate. Beta-Sitosterol improves the symptoms of a swollen prostate by easing urination and improving urinary retention.


Saw Palmetto appears to have several positive effects on the prostate gland; it is antiandrogenic, antiproliferative, and anti-inflammatory. These properties appear to be responsible for improving symptoms of an enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hypertrophy or BPH). Saw palmetto has been found useful for treatment of mild to moderate enlarged prostate-related symptoms such as reducing the frequency to urinate.


Muira Puama Extract has been used historically as an aphrodisiac and for male erectile dysfunction. To date, case-series studies have shown positive results for male sexual function.


Pygeum Bark Extract has similar benefits to saw palmetto; it is known to reduce inflammation through the inhibition of inflammatory prostaglandins, as well as decrease the levels of testosterone in the prostate. A large study showed that men taking pygeum had about 20% reduction in night symptoms (i.e. urinary frequency at night) and almost 25% reduction in retained urine (i.e. residual void volume). Ease of urination is also improved.


Rye Flower Pollen Extract is concentrated into an extract form. This extract contain pollen to support the improvment of good prostate health. Rye grass decreases swelling and it might also slow down prostate cancer cell growth. Rye grass is used for prostate conditions such as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), prostate pain, and ongoing inflammation of the prostate.


Stinging Nettle Extract has long been used in herbal medicine to relieve symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy and the associated urinary problems. Nettle extract also contains substances which have some immune and anti-allergic properties. These substances appear to decrease the growth of prostate cells. Nettles also contain carotene, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, calcium, beta-sitosterol and the flavonoids quercetin and rutin, so nettles have significant antioxidant activity also.


L-alanine is an amino acid which is involved in sugar metabolism and is found in prostatic fluids. A number of recent studies have used combinations of amino acids, including glutamic acid and glycine, in the treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), with positive results.


L-glutamic Acid is one of the most abundant amino acids in the body, and is required in high amounts for the proper functioning of the immune system, the gastrointestinal tract, the kidneys, and the liver. It also serves as a precursor for a potent antioxidant, glutathione. A number of recent studies have used combinations of amino acids, including alanine, and glycine, in the treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), with positive results.


L-glycine is considered a non-essential amino acid because the body can synthesize it from another amino acid, serine. Glycine may help protect the nervous system. A number of recent studies have used combinations of amino acids, including glutamic acid and alanine, in the treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), with positive results.


Vitamin B-6 is thought by many to improve overall prostate health and function. Research suggests that B vitamins might have a preventive influence on the development and progression of prostate cancer with results suggesting males who had a higer intake of B-6 were significantly more likely to survive 20 years longer than those that did not have high levels of vitamin B-6.


Zinc is a key component of some key enzyme functions. A growing body of evidence suggests a relationship between zinc levels and prostate health. Adequate zinc levels may even help protect against prostate cancer.


Vitamin D3 is widely-thought to improve overall prostate health and function. Vitamin D plays several important roles in cell development and growth, low levels of Vitamin D have been linked to more aggressive and advanced cases of prostate cancer. Vitamin D is thought to play an important role in how prostate cancer starts, therefore, maintaining healthy levels of Vitamin D may aid prevention of prostate cancer and other associated symptoms of an unhealthy prostate gland.


Soy Isoflavones are dietary components for which an association has been demonstrated with reduced risk of prostate cancer (PCa) in Asian populations, who generally have a lower prostate risk than Western people. Their diet is rich in soybeans which contain significant levels of isoflavones. Several studies support the fact that isoflavones significantly decrease the risk of prostate cancer and can be considered as an effective dietary protective factor against such conditions.


Green Tea Extract has been suggested as a prostate cancer preventive, in part because there is a very low occurrence of prostate cancer among Asians, who tend to consume more green tea than Westerners. Green tea contains polyphenols which may assist in prostate health, but the precise molecular mechanism has not been identified.


Quercetin is a dietary flavonoid that functions as a potent antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory, an anti-tumor agent and also a protector of the heart. It is believed that the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties can positively affect the male prostate. It is also been directly shown to be beneficial in men with chronic prostatitis, an inflammation of the prostate.


Lycopene may be of use in the prevention of prostate cancer and for overall prostate health. Several mechanisms have been postulated for its beneficial effects. including influencing the cell cycle and vascular endothelial growth factor.


Get The Facts About Prostate Problems

After the age of 40, men are susceptible to prostate problems. Prostate glands never stop growing in males, however this growth does not typically lead to issues until an advanced stage. More than 50% of men who have reached the age of sixty, and up to 90% of men who have reached the age of 80, experience symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

Prostate problems are uncomfortable to discuss for most men, as there is both sexual issues and problems with urination. Even so, getting an enlarged prostate is not unusual. As men continue to live longer, an enlarged prostate is becoming more of an issue. In the year 2000, there were 4.5 million appointments made with doctors to address enlarged prostates.

What is an Enlarged Prostate?

As males age, there are two times when the prostate grows. The first time it gets bigger is when the male enters puberty and the prostate grows to twice its previous size. Then when males reach the approximate age of 25, the prostate begins to grow once more. This second growth phase can result in greater prostate issues down the road.

This is a very common condition, referred to by physicians as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy, or enlarged prostate.

When the prostate grows, the tissue that encases the gland keeps it from expanding, which means the prostate begins to put pressure on the urethra. This, in turn, leads to thicker bladder walls. The bladder then starts to contract, regardless of the amount of urine contained in it. This contraction leads to an increased urgency to urinate. Over time, the bladder becomes weaker and is unable to fully empty during urination. The pressure on the urethra and the inability to fully empty the bladder can lead to complications of the enlarged prostate.

Prostate Characteristics and Functions

The prostate gland belongs to the male reproductive system. Its normal size is about that of a walnut, and consists of two lobes that are encased in a tissue layer. It is situated right under the bladder where urine is retained, in front of the rectum. In addition, the prostate encircles the urethra, which is the tube that allows for the excretion of urine from the body.

It is unknown exactly what all the functions of the prostate are. We do know that it serves to secrete a fluid into the urethra that mixes with sperm, as it prepares for ejaculation. The fluid that is produced by the prostate mobilizes the sperm and plays an important role in reproduction.

What are the Causes and Symptoms of an Enlarged Prostate?

Researchers are currently unable to pin down the definite cause of enlarged prostates. As such, the risk factors for BPH are largely unknown. It is well-understood that BPH shows up in men who are aging and that BPH does not show up in men who have their testes removed prior to hitting puberty. This is why scientists speculate that the aging process of the testes could be responsible for enlarged prostates.

The majority of the symptoms related to BPH are the result of the pressure on the urethra and the weakening of the bladder over time. There are many different symptoms, but the main ones are related to issues with urination. These include:

  • 1. A weak urine stream or hesitancy in urination
  • 2. Leaking of urine
  • 3. Increased urination, particularly in the evening
  • 4. Increased urgency

How is an Enlarged Prostate Diagnosed?

It is possible that a man will identify symptoms of an enlarged prostate in the course of living his life. It is also possible that a doctor will catch it during a routine health examination. If the doctor thinks he has BPH, he could refer the patient to a urologist for further tests. A urologist is a doctor who specializes in conditions related to the male reproductive system and to the urinary tract. There are numerous tests that can assist in the diagnosis of an enlarged prostate. Not every male will require every test, but here is a list of the most prevalent ones:

1. Digital Rectal Exam or DRE - This will most likely be the first test administered. The doctor will put a gloved finger inside the rectum to palpitate the prostate, which is adjacent to the rectum. This procedure will allow the doctor to determine how big the prostate is.

2. Prostate Specific Antigen or PSA Blood Test - This test is required to ensure that cancer is not present and responsible for the symptoms. PSA is a protein that is created by prostate cells and is often seen in higher levels in males who have prostate cancer.

The FDA or Federal Drug Administration recommends a PSA test be administered along with a digital rectal exam to diagnose cancer of the prostate in males who are at least 50 years old. It is also used to keep an eye on prostate cancer following treatment.

Keep in mind, there is still a lot to be learned about how to interpret PSA data, how to tell if the levels are increased due to cancer or due to BPH, and how to proceed once a higher level of PSA is detected.

3. Rectal Ultrasound - In the event that prostate cancer is suspected, a doctor could order a rectal ultrasound. This is where a probe is put inside the rectum to send sound waves to the prostate. These waves create an echo that allows a picture of the gland to show up on a monitor.

4. Urine Flow Study - On occasion, doctors will recommend this test to determine the rate of urine. Males urinate into a specially designed container and if the flow is slow or hesitant, it could serve to diagnose BPH.

5. Cystoscopy - This procedure requires the insertion of a tube into the urethra through the penis. The penis is numbed beforehand so the pain is eliminated. The tube is known as a cystoscope and is made up of a light and a lens that allows the doctor to view the bladder and urethra. The doctor can then see how large the prostate has become and find out how much of the urethra is obstructed.


1 - The Official Foundation of the American Urological Association (AUA)

2 - American Family Physician Journal

Proaxil™ - Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes Proaxil™ more effective than other prostate supplements?

It contains the most potent, effect sterol blend on the market today! It is that simple. Our unique UPDATED formula provides 1200mg sterol blend, standardized to contain 80% Beta-Sitosterol which is the most effective phytosterol for addressing prostate and urinary issues. Most prostate formulas combine a few key components with additional non-active ingredients, which can dilute the effectiveness of the product. This creates a cheaper solution and a less effective product. Others use inferior forms of critical ingredients, which just don't work as well. Some products neglect the research and include ingredients that are not even related to prostate at all. Proaxil™ is the only total care system to provide the exclusively formulated combination of quality key ingredients that relieve prostate suffering, addressing challenging symptoms to provide optimal prostate support. We keep up to date with the research and have improved our formula to contain the very best Phytosterol blend in the most potent dose available.

Can Proaxil™ be used to prevent symptoms from occurring?
Yes, many people use Proaxil™ to prevent the onslaught of symptoms from occurring. Since Proaxil™ is made of all natural ingredients, it is safe for long term use.

How long should I use Proaxil™ ?
You can use Proaxil™ to get rid of symptoms, to prevent them from occurring, and to stop them from coming back. How long you should continue depends on how severe your symptoms are, and how long it takes for you to feel "normal" again.

What makes up the ingredients of Proaxil™ ?
The ingredients in Proaxil™ can be found on our How It Works page. You can go there to read more about each of the quality natural herbal ingredients.

Why is Proaxil™ not available in stores?
We have chosen to make Proaxil™ available exclusively online, so that we are able to reach more people and maintain control of distribution and customer service. We want to be hands on with our customers if there's a problem; we lose that personal touch when the product is sold in stores.

Can I see the label of Proaxil™
Of course! Please click here to see our label.

Can I use Proaxil™ with my prescription medications?
Proaxil™ has been formulated using only the purest natural ingredients. For the most part, there is no interference with most medications. But if you have any concerns, we always recommend you consult with your doctor.

If it does not work for me and I want to return it, what do I do?
Not a problem - there is a 60 day money back guarantee. We ask that you call customer service to get your return authorization number. If you do decide to return the bottles, you must return all of the bottles, so do not throw any of them away. Please do not ship products to us after the 60 day period has expired. If you send only a portion of the bottles back, you will receive a partial refund.

Questions about Shipping Proaxil™ :

How soon will my order arrive?
If you choose regular shipping, Proaxil™ is shipped by US Postal Service First Class Mail. If you place your order before 10:00am EST, it will be shipped out on the day it is ordered. If you place your order after 10:00am EST, it will be sent out the next morning. Your order should arrive within 3 to 5 business days within the USA. All orders received after 10:00am on Friday or on the weekend will be shipped out promptly Monday morning.

We also offer FedEx 2 day delivery, as well as next day shipping. FedEx shipments will be sent out the same day, as long as the order is received by 10:00am EST. You can learn more about shipping options on the checkout page.

What kind of package will it arrive in?
We always ship discreetly to protect the privacy of our customer. Proaxil™ is shipped in plain packaging with no external information that identifies the product purchased.

How secure is it to order Proaxil™ online?
Very secure. We use the strongest data encryption Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology available. SSL technology is the industry standard for encryption, and ensures a secure transaction environment for commerce on the internet.

Do you ship to Canada?
Yes, we have many customers in Canada; it just takes longer to get there, about 1 to 2 weeks for regular mail. If you order it using the FedEx amount, it will take 4 to 6 days.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we can ship to any country. You can learn more about shipping options on the checkout page.

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